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Foundation and History

Anybody who hears from the Neufundländerfreunde Remstalgruppe and knows Newfis is thinking automatically of Herbert Kretschmer.

Already as a little boy before the Second World War Herbert Kretschmer became a Newfi friend.
After the war he brought the black bears first to Stuttgart later to the Remstal. He visited exhibitions all over the world and in the early 80ies he took notice of a french Newfi group which was only working in the water with their dogs. He visited the show of this group in France and he liked it that much that he founded a group in Remstal for water work in 1982. In 1983 the first international meeting of Newfi friends was held by this group now called Neufundländerfreunde Remstalgruppe.

Until 1999 Herbert Kretschmer was the chairman of this group then he gave his important position to somebody younger. But also after 1999 he was always taking care about the group and was sharing his great knowledge about the Newfis and their special abilities with other Newfi friends.

Not the Human the Newfoundland Dogs must be in the center, and it care not under which star he is born.
Within the meaning of this sentence we want to work with our dogs in the Remstalgroup and in the other international Newfi groups.

Without claim of completeness:
Dieter Leins 1. Vorsitzender