Draught work

After the warmer season we start with the subordination (obedience) and with the draught work.
For Newfis the draught work is a good compensation for the colder season. The draught work is not only a good occupation but also obtains the structure of their muscles.
In the last years we forgot that draught work dogs have an old tradition. Only a few persons are working for sport with their dogs as draught work dogs in the USA, Great Britain, Austria and Suisse.
In the past the draught work dogs had to bring wood out of the forest and the fishing nets to the shore.

Which dog is suitable as a draught work dog? In general all big and strong dogs who are healthy and fit.
There are different associations which are training and testing their dogs with their own different rules. Basically there are a few rules which have to be considered:
– A draught work dog should have a basic knowledge of obedience, as for example ’sit‘, ’stand up‘ and ’stay‘.
– The dog should be matured, min. age 1,5 years.
– The dog should be fit, to be sure please ask your vet.
– Please habituate your dog slowly to this work.
– A well trained and educated dog can pull 4 times of his weight.
– Don’t work with your dog on days with high temperatures, give him enough to drink and make regular breaks.

At the moment unfortunately no courses for draught work can be offered!

Here are our tested draught work dogs:
Alice von der Goldstadt / Thomas Merz                                             Level 1
Bola von der Uckermark / Dieter Leins                                              Level 1
Yola von der Uckermark / Francoise Leins                                      Level 1
Don von der Uckermark / David Kadau                                            Level 1
Sammy vom Butzensee / Kerstin Schmid                                         Level 2
Casiopaia Little Bay / Karin Püschel                                                   Level 2
Bijou vom Fuhrtbachtal / Michael Schmid                                       Level 3
Cliff vom Fuhrtbachtal / Kerstin Schmid                                           Level 3